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Class Levels

toddler ballet class

Rising Stars

Tiny but mighty, these mini movers are ages 3-5 and are just getting started. These classes focus on the FUNdamentals of dance. Certain classes are geared towards play and fun, while others will work towards a performance.

kids dance classes santa barbara

Beginning Classes

Our beginning classes are aged based and have a range of 3-4 years in each level.

Youth/Level 1: Children ages 5-9 who are ready for structure and expanding their dance skills.

Tween Levels: Tween dancers ages 8-12 just getting started with dance, but want to be with peers.

Teen Levels: Teen dancers ages 13-17 newer to dance and looking to dance with their peers. We are very strict with our teen age requirements - especially for hip hop.

advanced dance classes santa barbara


Our accelerated S.T.E.P. classes are meant for dancers 8+ who are ready to excel and grow inside of the program. Advancement is based on correct placement, skills mastery, and require PLACEMENT.

Placement is not age-based which means classes have variety of age levels. Students spend an average of 2 years in each level before mastering skills. They will receive annual skills testing and evaluation each spring.

Adult Dance Classes, Hip Hop, Santa Barbara


Did you know dancing is the best diet? Have fun and get in shape, and save with one of our club cards!

Hip Hop: focuses on choreography and style and class will include older teens.

Hip Hop Sweat: an intensive 1.5 hour workout.

Class Descriptions


Below are listed classes that make up the backbone of dance. With so many class offerings, we’re sure you will find the perfect fit.


acro and tricks classes santa barbara



Acro/Tricks adds athleticism and gravity-defying elements to your dance skills.

Benefits include:

  • Builds strength and flexibility

  • Learn to take risks

  • Lends skills for cheer and dance teams

  • Non-performing class

  • Follows the Acrobatic Arts curriculum



aerial classes after school



Aerial helps you grow wings and FLY!

Benefits include:

  • Builds core and upper body strength

  • Increase acrobatic skills

  • In partnership with The Aerial Studio (Cirque du Soleil and Beyonce Foundation Tour)

  • Non-performing class

kids ballet classes after school



Ballet lays the groundwork for all dance and turns hard work into possibility.

Benefits include:

  • Fosters grace and poise

  • Develops key muscle memory

  • Delivers basic dance movement

  • Pointe, non-performance, and performance classes available

after school kids dance classes



Dancers use bands, balls and rings to activate, tone and train.

Benefits include:

  • Body Awareness

  • Proper alignment

  • Core work

  • Non-performing class

youth hip hop dance lessons

Combo Classes


Combination classes create opportunities to sample jazz and hip hop.

Benefits include:

  • Introduces jazz and hip hop

  • Reinforces dance basics

  • Blends technique with fun

  • Performing class

youth contemporary dance lessons



Contemporary gives voice to emotions through innovative movement.

Benefits include:

  • Innovative thinking

  • Highly technical and athletic

  • Expressing emotion and story

  • Performing class

Kids Disney Dance classes

Disney Dance


Disney Dance opens the door into castles of fun with creative storytelling, dress up , and play while introducing jazz and ballet basics.

Benefits include:

  • Fosters creativity

  • Blends storytelling with movement

  • Opportunities for dress up

  • Performing class

youth hip hop dance lessons

Hip Hop


Hip hop brings the beat and the funk of the music to the mover.

Benefits include:

  • Develops rhythm

  • Teaches syncopation

  • Prep for dance teams

  • Age-appropriate music and movement.

  • Hip-Hop music relies heavily on the culture from which it is derived and may contain some mature themes. Age is always considered when selecting music for class and music is always edited, but sometimes the context is unavoidable.

  • Performing class




Explore organic movement process and learn the art of self expression.

Benefits include:

  • Develop greater movement vocabulary

  • Boosts audition skills

  • Cure for a bad day

  • Non-performing class

Jazz dance lessons santa barbara



Jazz drives the rhythm right down to the feet.

Benefits include:

  • Reinforces basic technique

  • Teaches dynamics

  • Introduces a variety of turns and leaps

  • Prep for musical theater

  • Performing class - see schedule for details

after school kids dance classes

Leaps & Turns


Practice makes perfect!! A must-take technique class for every dancer

Benefits include:

  • Reinforces basic turns and leaps

  • Develops dance progressions

  • Refines dance technique

Lyrical and contemporary dance classes after school



Lyrical gives voice to emotions through innovative movement.

Benefits include:

  • Improves grace and fluidity

  • Highly technical and requires enrollment in jazz or ballet

  • Expresses emotion and tells a story

Toddler ballet lessons

Mini Moves


Mini Moves is a magical introduction to music and movement.

Benefits include:

  • Large motor skill development

  • Teaches pattern repeats

  • Social interaction

  • Non–performing class

Private dance lessons

Private Lessons


Work with one of our professional instructors to customize an individual dance program.

Benefits include:

  • One-on-one attention

  • Work on skills for advancement

  • Cross train for other activities: gymnastics, cheer, musical theater, show choir

kids tap dance lessons



Tap teaches timing and tempo turning toes into a timpani of sound!

Benefits include:

  • Teaches coordination

  • Engages mind and body

  • Emphasizes timing

  • Prep for musical theater

Dress Code


All dancers are required to adhere to the following dress codes. We have great sensitivity and acceptance in relationship to gender pronouns. Please assume and apply the words ‘those who identify as’ in front of these terms throughout the information. 

Please make sure dancers arrive on time and prepared for class. Dancers must be dressed according to the dress code.  Failure to be dressed properly will lead to a warning. After three warnings,  dancers may be asked to sit out if the dress code is not followed. We have lockers available for rent if carrying a dance bag does not work for your family.



Dancers should have hair off their face. No jeans or skirts/dresses. Dancers should wear clothes where they will be comfortable in all positions. Boys may feel more comfortable wearing a ‘dance belt’ once they reach intermediate levels. 

Hygiene: Due to our physical work that is often done with a partner or in close quarters, dancers should be aware of hygiene and body odor (some dancers as young as 9 may need deodorant!).  As female dancers mature, please be vigilant regarding the need to shave (in relationship to costumes).


We want our little movers to be comfortable to express themselves.  From full princess dress, to leotards, or fitted clothes (leggings, booty shorts, and fitted tanks or t-shirts), it is all about what makes them feel good. 

Shoe requirements: 

•             Mini Moves & Disney Dance:  bare feet or ballet shoes

•             Mini Ballet: Ballet shoes

•             Mini Tap/Ballet Combo: Ballet and Jazz shoes

•             Mini Hip Hop: Sneakers

•             Mini Jazz/Ballet Combo: either jazz or ballet shoes

•             Mini Jazz/ Hip Hop: Bare feet or Jazz shoes and Sneakers


Jazz shoes in tan. Fitted clothes (leggings, booty shorts, and fitted tanks or t-shirts).  All dancers level 4 and up may be required to have both tan and black jazz shoes, black jazz shorts, and a black and nude leotard.


Pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas). Female dancers must wear a leotard, tights and hair in a bun. Jazz shorts and fitted warm ups okay. Boys should wear fitted pants (jazz pants or leggings) and a fitted tank or t shirt.


See jazz - jazz shoes (tan), for girls, nude leotard may be necessary for the performance to wear under costume. NO DANCING IN SOCKS unless required by the instructor


See jazz – bare feet, for girls, nude leotard may be necessary for the performance to wear under costume. NO DANCING IN SOCKS unless required by the instructor


Cross-Trainers and fitted clothing


Sneakers & comfortable street wear that allows your dancer to move.  Please, no skirts, dresses, or slip-ons.


Black tap shoes - Comfortable clothes (see jazz). Note: heeled shoes not recommended.


Leotard, tights or leggings, long sleeves suggested. In an effort to protect the silks, please no shorts or clothing with zippers, and have children wear deodorant when necessary as the smell transfers to mats and silks.


No strict dress code- wear comfortable clothes that allow movement and singing (no restrictive tops). Sneakers or jazz shoes.


Dance More Save More



  • Add a second ballet class and you will receive 10% off the second ballet class. Add three or more and save 5% on each additional ballet class.

  • Add a second Jazz 1, Tween Jazz, Teen Jazz, or Jazz 2a and you will receive 10% of the second jazz class. Add three or more and save 5% on each additional jazz class.  

  • If we require you to take a class concurrently after placement, we will offer you 50% off the higher level class. 


If you qualify for our VIP Club, please contact to redeem your discount!

  • Sign up for a 7th class and receive a VIP Swag Bag.

  • Save 10% on your 8th and 9th class.

  • Save 25% on your 10th and 11th class.

  • Save 50% on your 12th and more classes.     * Jazz, 2b-Adv Pro Jazz count as ONE class and discounts apply towards the lesser valued classes

Private Instruction

Private lessons are available to help you or your dancer excel, establish and meet goals, and work one-on-one with our professional faculty. Kids and adults enjoy personal attention and customized lesson plans to help them become more comfortable on the dance floor.

Lessons range from $75-$85 per hour and $40-$55 per half hour depending on the instructor. Ask about packages!

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Independent P.E.

Sick of doing sit ups? We are authorized providers for Independent PE for local schools!

Contact your jr high or high school counselor to apply.

Email for rates and sign up information.